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Reinvention Cliq is a digital magazine and video channel built for consumption and interaction on any connected device with a browser. It cuts through ad-tech doublespeak and derivative thought by embracing the virtues of networked knowledge to speed toward fresh insights that inspire and motivate action.

Recliq (#recliq) focuses on emerging trends at the intersection of technology, media, and people; and the driving forces behind the acceleration of change happening throughout the world today. Content is always topical, however diverse as the interests and talents of the audience we aim to engage.

Evidence of our intent to offer a uniquely challenging and accessible experience to readers can be found in our approach to revealing the many hidden opportunities that exist in this era of interconnectedness. Reinvention Cliq offers a unique open platform built to connect and support rapid ideation, experimentation and collaboration among unknown and well-known creators in technology, music, design, culture, fashion, art, science, and business.

Jason Newport, Publisher

Haydn Davis, Creative Director

Michael Liu, Editor