David Shing, Presents on the Future of Digital Trends and Connectivity

AOL's Digital Prophet - By day a creative inventor of ideas for the future, influenced by the now. Accidental singer-songwriter by night

At the end of January, 150 East 42nd street was privy to the presence of a very unique, not to mention particular, individual. Equipped with a rockstar hairstyle and bold predictions about the future of human and brand connectivity David Shing (aka Shingy) gave the good folks at Carat some gems to digest as we look to kick 2014 into gear. Below are some of my favorite talking points that the “Digital Prophet” touched on.

Early on in the presentation it was reaffirmed that we are no longer in an era of traditional communications. Brands cannot succeed by following typical business to business or business to consumer guidelines, but rather everything must be approached as human to human communication. As anyone who works in the industry will tell you, the following statistic isn’t shocking, but still worth mentioning. The amount of media messages that humans consume on an average day is rather bananas. Approximately 250 of the 2,000 messages we consume daily are crafted advertising messages. Moving forward it is important that these messages are seamlessly intertwined with the ongoing conversation to ensure brand equity at every point in the purchase loop.

The “always on”, dynamic landscape we live in has shifted the playing field indefinitely. Advertisers are no longer just competing with other brands for the attention of consumers, but also with brands in other industries, friends of consumers, celebrities, and other entities of the like due to the open platforms most of us participate in. With such limited time on so many platforms there is a constant, as Shingy puts it, “landgrab for likes”. Brands must create content that consumers want to engage with, and tell their friends about across multiple mediums.

Being that Shingy touched on such an array of emerging trends, it’s crucial that you take a look at the video of the full presentation.

VIDEO: http://advertising.aol.com/shingyaegis 

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