Get to Know Zach Kubin of Onswipe

Business Insider calls him one of the top 30 most creative people in advertising. I call him Zach. There are two types of “mobile guys” in this industry, and Zach is one of them.

In this hard-hitting piece shot in what appears to be an interrogation room at Manhattan’s 13th Precinct, the MEC/Joule alum and Onswipe Head of Client Development dishes on the many virtues he’s acquired through the sage counsel of his father, Wayne Gretzky’s father, and Sun Tzu — the Chinese military general and blogger, credited for authoring “The Art of War”. Hundreds of brain-bending insights and philosophies including “you must believe in yourself” and “make them think you’re close when you’re far” can be found in the text of this must-read for any strategist.

Unfortunately the battery on my phone died before we arrived at a dialogue that didn’t resemble something overheard and misunderstood by Chrissy and Mr. Roper as they eavesdropped on Jack and Larry rapping at the Regal Beagle….

All kidding aside, and as you will see in the clip, Zach is as quick and clever a guy as you’ll ever meet. He has a broad and deep understanding of behavior, technology, and where brands have the best opportunity to develop and distribute deliberate value. We will post the longer segment shot on Tara’s iPhone in the next week or so, but for now….. enjoy a few minutes with the man who has gotten more mileage out of animated gifs than… I got nothin’. Just check out his Tumblr. You will laugh.

Jason Newport

Jason Newport is an accomplished mobile, digital, social and youth marketing subject matter expert. He is Head of Mobile Strategy for Aegis Media. In 2013, Business Insider named him one of the Top 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising.

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