The Life & Vines

The content that we share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr is ephemeral. With our first Social Media Remix project, the idea was to create something meaningful and lasting out of our own ordinary social media content. Our first Remix is based around our favorite social media app, Vine. We edited together a variety of our best Vines from the past few months to create video anthologies that document our lives. Enjoy!

Jason Newport

Jason Newport is an accomplished Mobile, Digital, Social and Youth Marketing Subject Matter Expert. He is Head of Mobile Strategy at Aegis Media and also leads the 200+ member Reinvention Team, a global talent collective which draws on the massive resources inside and outside of the network to create modern, converged media solutions for clients. In 2013, Business Insider named Jason one of the Top 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising.

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