The Promises & Reality of Predictive Advertising: AWX Reflections

I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion focused on predictive advertising during the course of Advertising Week’s 10th Anniversary series of events held last week in NYC. The panel was hosted by AdTheorent, credited as the first company to develop an RTB-enabled mobile ad network. Since debuting their platform, AdTheorent has evolved to address many of the most frequently mentioned challenges facing mobile marketers today. Most recently, they debuted their Real Time Learning Machine which considers user, brand, creative and predictive score to arrive at an appropriate bid for an advertiser — essentially calculating the likelihood of conversion to make decisions, and the machine becomes smarter over time.

Impressive stuff all around, without question. AdTheorent is an excellent example of supply side innovation, however they require others in the advertising ecosystem to work just as hard to solve problems. And not just solve problems, but to think of technology as a cultural practice. There is a lot of talk about the promise of big data, programmatic buying x-channel, and predictive modeling… data, data, data…but not a drop of insights and campaigns that blow your head off your shoulders, particularly in mobile, are few and far between. We seem to be stuck in the middle and losing sight of the things that matter… people. This is the first of a series of posts that will address this issue over the coming months. We’re interested in your opinion. Is it time for a focus on DEMAND side innovation?

Jason Newport

Jason Newport is an accomplished mobile, digital, social and youth marketing subject matter expert. He is Head of Mobile Strategy for Aegis Media. In 2013, Business Insider named him one of the Top 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising.

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