Proclivity Founder Sheldon Gilbert’s Super Hero Wishes

Sheldon Gilbert

Spend a few minutes with Sheldon Gilbert and you will quickly begin to wonder how a man with such immense talent, diverse interests, and proven ability to do well while doing good can somehow also manage to do it all. With all the rage around RTB, programmatic buying, the human vs the machine, and on and on; there sits Sheldon and the company he founded in 2006, Proclivity Media, when the world was still in a MySpace-induced social media fog.

Sheldon is a pioneer of predictive advertising and the father of consumer valuation. He is also an inventor. He has the unique ability to see around corners, think in loose associations, and tie them up when he’s ready. And although he has BIG super hero dreams as you will see in this interview, he very well may have already been granted his wish. Have a look…

Jason Newport

Jason Newport is an accomplished mobile, digital, social and youth marketing subject matter expert. He is Head of Mobile Strategy for Aegis Media. In 2013, Business Insider named him one of the Top 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising.

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