Reinvention Retrospective: A Look Back at Year One

Reinvention's Mobile Masterclass NYC

From a crew of two to more than two-hundred in less than a year. Not bad. Many thanks to everyone who stepped up, and a special shout to our media, content and technology partners who helped us make a splash… cannonball style: Brian Wong from Kiip, Tim Reis/Gary Jackson/Khee Lee/Abigail Posner at Google, Jason Baptiste/Jared Hand/Zach Kubin at OnSwipe, Doug Grinspan at SAY Media, Rob Cromer /Rob Prentice/Buzz Wiggins at Adcade, Mike Malbon and Domingo Neris at Frank’s Chop Shop, Joe Medved at Softbank Capital, Sal Candela at Undertone, Niles Lichtenstein at Velti, Melanie and the 50 deep crew at Spotify, Chris Beauchamp at Monster Media, Are Traasdahl at TapAd, Lars Albright at SessionM, Dipanshu Sharma/Chad Hickey/Monica Ho at xAd, the kind folks at Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and on and on and on and…

And most importantly our clients for their willingness to discover different ways to make impact and solve problems everyday. Doesn’t even seem like work most of the time. Looking forward to Year Two and a BIGGER crew. It’s going to be amazing…

Jason Newport

Jason Newport is an accomplished mobile, digital, social and youth marketing subject matter expert. He is Head of Mobile Strategy for Aegis Media. In 2013, Business Insider named him one of the Top 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising.

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