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Here at Reinvention, the proposal of being without our phones for a day leaves many of us with an instant feeling of anxiety.  You could say that some of us suffer from nomophobia (yes that actually exists!) and would rather give up TV than be without our main device.   Needless to say, we love our smartphones and the many apps that provide utility, entertainment, and discovery.  Check out the below a few top picks from some of our Reinvention members across the network.

Corey Angelo, Carat London

My favorite app would have to be Instagram..I’m completely and unhealthily addicted!  Second runner up (because who can just give one) is Nike+Running.  So motivating to track your route and splits/mile!

Miguel Esparza, Carat NY

Right now, my top app is Watchlater.  It allows me to view and download YouTube videos to my device.   I’ve been studying  music production and theory from amazing  YouTube  channels while on the subway or offline.  I check out the tutorials, awesome public playlists, podcasts and YouTube news channels without having to pay for the service.  Spotify and Bleacher Report are close runner-ups as they keep me entertained and on top of the current music/sports trends.

Ryan Persaud, Carat NY

Flipboard has become one of my favorite mobile applications because it helps organize all of my interests into one central location. The app provides all of the information I need in simple yet beautifully designed user interface that allows me to know what’s going on in the world of Business, Art, Design, Film and Advertising. Boom!

Stuart Augustine, Vizeum NY

I think Vine is something that is well known and it might not be my most used app. But I think it was one of the first things that no one really hesitated or bashed for months before eventually joining Like a twitter, FB etc. it’s something that we all as a digital community welcomed (some unwillingly) but still used. The creators really let us decide what we wanted to use it for or bend it into. I think it took some time because Instagram made your crappy picture look beautiful were vine forces you to have a story to tell AND THAT is why I like it!

Dora Yu, Carat SF

In recently moving to SF, the app(s) I can’t live without are all of the transportation apps: Lyft, Uber, Transporter, Rover, Flywheel etc— otherwise you will wait forever for a bus and/or never be able to catch a cab.

Katerina Caban, Posterscope NY

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to organizing so I use Canary to help sort my events, to-dos, etc. It syncs with various calendars (Google calendar, Facebook,   iPhone calendar) so I have it all in one central place. It also shares when I have free time and directions if I enter a location for where a certain event will be.

June Oh, Carat NY

Besides everyone’s favorite apps like Instagram and Facebook, I love Yahoo! Weather app, Songza and Flipboard. Yahoo! weather app’s the most visually pleasing app in my opinion as they pull background images from Flickr to show the weather outside at a specific time of the time. Songza is one of the newer music streaming apps, and I love how they categorized their music by activities and moods. I often listen to their pre-curated workout stations, but also get entertained by stations like “epic film scores” or “ambient music for reading.” Lastly, I started using Flipboard on my iPad initially but loved the way they present articles so much that I downloaded on my iPhone as well.

Michael Liu, Carat NY

A particular app that I use everyday besides my social networks would be Pocket.  It allows me to save articles, videos, web pages to my ‘pocket’  — it is desktop and mobile compatible and syncs up with the cloud to save my phone’s memory space.  I am known to have at least 70 tabs open on my browser of articles wanting to read at any given time so I especially love this app because I can catch up on all my reading on the subway/bus.  Zite is a recent app that I have been trying out.. it is another visual RSS feed type app that takes your interests and displays it in a beautiful, easily consumable way.  It learns your interests and consumption habits from every article you read and gets smarter every day to deliver a tailored and custom experience.

Haydn Davies, Aegis NY

I was obsessed with Photosynth, I loved it ever since seeing it on TED Talks in May 2007.  I always thought both PhotoSynth and SeaDragon were going to revolutionize the photo and publishing community – by being a community.  So when they finally released Photosynth as a smartphone app, I was amped to see if it would be THE NEXT SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM – where people exchange photos and build up their own organic, human-based version of street-view, but where you can see through public photos who had/has been to a place and what had/has happened at that location over time, through shared images and experiences. To a lesser but more successful degree INSTAGRAM did exactly that. I am obsessed with Instagram, not to take photos of my food or sexy selfies (those two words don’t align with my awkwardness in front of camera), but instead I love(d) using the platform to capture what amazing experiences I see, and am lucky to have, on the daily living in NYC – from the very personal to more universal (what exhibitions, stores, bars, etc I capture for friends to check out if they want to).  Also, for $2 you can get 360 PANORAMA, which is a more seamless photo joining program which produces many angles, quicker processing of images, and better social sharing functionality.  I have been obsessed ever since. I would recommend it to any budding photographer, or visually minded smartphone user.

Comment below with some of your top apps you have been using lately and let us know which ones you can’t live without!

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  • Haydn Davies
    Reply November 5, 2013

    Haydn Davies

    Glitché has become my NEW favorite app. Photography Lo-fi fun!

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